Conference Agenda

Advancing the Business of Oncology
Keeping up with and evolving based on the ever changing policy, reimbursement and market landscape is critical to long-term success in community oncology. Practice leaders are the innovators leading the charge to shape and enable sustainable models for community oncology to thrive. In this track, you’ll hear from industry and practice leaders on market trends that could affect daily operations at your practice, how to diversify your practice revenue streams and how to optimize your financial performance.
Who should attend:
CEOs, Practice Administrators, Clinicians
Streamlining Clinical Workflows
Our goal is to help you spend less time in your EHR and more time with your patients so you can get back to what you do best: delivering quality patient care.  In this track you will hear from subject-matter experts about the latest products we're building for clinicians, and learn strategies from your peers to streamline workflows across your clinical team.
Who should attend:
Clinicians, Pharmacists, Medical Assistants
Empowering Operational Teams
Faced with mounting costs and an increasingly competitive landscape, efficient operations are more important than ever to the success of a practice. Practices that are able to unlock the potential of their staff through meaningful technology and process improvements will be well-positioned for success. In this track, you’ll learn best practices for reporting and analytics, staff management and workflow optimization to help you enable your practice continue delivering quality, cost-effective care.
Who should attend:
Research Staff, Practice Administrators, C-Suite, IT Directors, Front & Back Office Staff
Research Innovation
Clinical research is key to advancing novel therapies for patients, but remains a high-cost, high-effort investment for practices today. In this track, learn about the latest technology that can streamline elements of your practice’s research operations, from patient recruitment to research documentation.
Who should attend:
Research Physicians, Research Directors, Research Managers, Research Coordinators

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